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About Us

Buy-Elec is an environmentally conscious Energy efficiency solutions provider focusing on the most effective proven technology based solutions. We believe in specialization and our area of expertise is Energy saving. We are a rapidly growing company catapulted by the prosperity of our unique and innovative Energy Saving solutions. Our high success rate in both residential and commercial Installations in Kenya is drawn from the extensive experience & research done prior to the launching of our effective energy saving offering.

Our highly motivated graduate multi-disciplined and professional staff are actively involved in promoting, Installation and development of our fast growing customer base. Our management board consists of seasoned professionals in Electrical engineering, Energy management, Marketing & Business management.

We are a leader in our field, making it possible for customers to take control of their energy consumption, and providing them with the tools to cut their bills and help conserve our scarce energy resources.

What we do

Our Company is proudly a Pioneer provider and Installer of these Energy Audit & saving technologies in the country. As the appointed supplier to East Africa from the worlds top manufacturing brands, we offer an effective, reliable solution to lowering commercial and residential electricity consumption/waste, without affecting productivity.

Our vision

To become the leading brand name in supply & successful installation of Energy Audit & Saving technologies in the region, as well as providing a full range of energy efficiency consultancy services to our clients. Our vision is to be able to walk into a premises and professionally assist our clients attain the most efficiency in their energy consumption, meaning more energy available for use by others, as well as significant savings to our clients expenditure on electricity/energy.

How we work

Our business is founded on the principles of Quality and Expertise. Energy saving is a results based business and there is absolutely no compromise for top quality equipment and industry expertise. We hire well qualified personnel and consult widely with the best in Industry professionals to ensure we deliver on our promise.

Our domestic solutions will soon be available through selected retailers, with great product support available from LB Energy. Customers can contact us to get directions on the nearest stockists to their location, or be assisted with any questions they may have. Should you require further clarifications or assistance feel free to reach us via our phones, email & contact form. We continue to recruit more and more retailers in major shopping centers across the country.

Keep an eye on our re-seller section of the homepage for more stockists coming soon, as well as latest news on new innovations and locations.

Commercial units and accompanying energy saving solutions are sold directly to our customers by LB Energy staff & energy consultants. The commercial units are slightly more complex requiring training and knowledge based expertise so as to provide best value for our customers. As a rule we aim for a return on investment period of between 3 - 12 months for any investment clients make with us, the sooner the better. Through this direct contact with our clients and on the ground surveys we are able to establish potential for energy savings and advice our clients accordingly. We then do the installations and provide follow up support as required. We however do offer commissions on succesful sales leads. Get in touch for further details.

Our business model

Our business anchors itself on providing reliable top quality equipment and knowledgeable advice, and letting the customer spread the word. We make it easy to understand our work, make it convenient for our customers to access our solutions and provide continuous support. Energy saving is a long term partnership, and that is how we approach all our business engagements. LB Energy also has an exciting limited offering of Trial periods on some installations to build confidence with our clients. We allow our clients to see the benefits first hand of our equipment before they make payment. So far we have had a good success rate with satisfied clients. A Pre-installation survey is done to establish which solution best suits your premises, then monitoring and evaluation is carried out after the installation. On average our solutions offer a minimum saving of 15%+ off your electricity bill, with a quick Return On Investment period of ideally between month 3-12.